360-degree Customer View w/ Adobe

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Also called Customer Centricity or Single Customer View (SCV), a 360-degree view of your customers is probably the single most important aspect of Enterprise Marketing.

Adobe Single Customer View

The Business need for SCV

Today’s enterprise organizations have a need to understand their customers at a personal, individual level to keep up with customer expectations. Traditional mass-market approaches are proven to be less effective for several reasons:

  • Today’s customers have access to multiple media and market channels and unless organizations market in all such channels, they will be at a disadvantage.
  • Customers have more choices today and expect more personalized and consistent experiences
  • Brands cannot compete on price alone because of low margins, so organizations must compete on experience and better service.

How should Organizations adapt?

To stay ahead of their competitions, organizations need to adapt to meet the business challenge. To become a customer-centric and experience-focussed brands require a new approach to marketing. This involves:

  • Stop organizing around product lines and break down organizational silos. Personalized, consistent experiences have to follow the customer’s experience end to end, and an organization structured in silos cannot achieve such expectations.
  • Let Information flow across the organization by breaking down Information Silos.
  • Get granular in how customer traits are analyzed and segmented
  • Use real-time and historical context to engage in interactive marketing.
  • Use Technology tools such as Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign and AEM to analyze, segment and target your customers.

An Adobe reference model for achieving SCV

So, how can enterprise organizations implement Adobe tools to achieve the customer-centric marketing approach?

As mentioned earlier, re-aligning processes and internal organizational structures is essential in achieving an experience-focussed brand. But equally important is the selection and implementation of the right technology tools. The following diagram showcases a high level reference architecture using Adobe Marketing Cloud products.

This is of course only a reference model and various factors play a role in defining the final architecture that works best for an organization. Once such a marketing platform is in place marketers become empowered to implement various marketing strategies with relative ease. Marketers can plan, design, execute, measure an analyze multi-wave, cross-channel and highly personalized marketing campaigns.

Get in touch with Autowoven to strategize and implement a reference model that works best for you.

** Update from Dec 2022 **

With cookies going out of fashion due to GDPR and other regulations, Audience Manager is now being replaced by other more effective solutions. This includes the new Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and Real-Time CDP. Adobe Journey Optimizer, working alongside AEP also enhances the end-to-end solution for a more effective, personalized marketing solution.

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