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Manage customer communications via web, email, SMS and other channels

It is a known fact that well run marketing campaigns lead to better sales and conversion. They can also be instrumental in transforming the perception of a brand. Managing campaigns across multiple channels with multiple stakeholders is not a trivial task. A succesfful marketing campaign management requires planning, execution, tracking, analyzing and optimizing. Above all, it requires a product like Adobe Campaign Manager and a successful implementation partner like Autowoven.

Adobe Campaign Manager provides several important features including:

  • A single platform to manage multiple campaigns
  • Ability to send messages via Email, Web, Mobile, Social and Print channels
  • Connect to multiple data sources
  • Manage detailed user profiles
  • Granular Segmentation and targeting features
  • Manage business process workflows via visual tools
  • Personalized, targeted Email management

Adobe Campaign Manager comes in two flavors - Adobe Campaign Classic(ACC) and Adobe Campaign Standard(ACS). ACC originated with Adobe's accquisition of French company, Neolane in 2013 and ACS was developed from scratch to be a cloud based product by Adobe. While they bear similar names and functionality, an astute technical marketer will find them to be very different. Most notably the following:

# Adobe Campaign Manager Classic (ACC) Adobe Campaign Manager Standard (ACS)
1 Deployed on-premise with hybrid option Deployed on Cloud
2 Access to Campaign database schmea allows more flexiibility Underlying database access is not possible
3 Thin client/ installed tool for console access Browser based access
4 Integration flexibility with support for inbound and outbound APIs Supports only inbound APIs
5 Detailed features have steeper learning curve Easier to use and faster to learn
6 Limited new features to be rolled out in the future Adobe is more focussed on the Cloud with new features expected.

Our success with Adobe Campaign Manager

A leading auto-manufacturer was in the midst of a digital transformation initiative that involved revamping their customer messaging platform. Autowoven worked with the company to provide Adobe product guidance and technical architecture. Specifically, Autowoven integrated Adobe Campaign with their existing Hadoop data-lake system to extract customer profiles. Email and Text message templates were developed in AEM and an integration was developed with Adobe Campaign. Campaign workflows were developed for several promotional offers that integrated with their CRM and email delivery systems.

This system brought a Single Customer View(SCV), by integrating Adobe Experience Cloud profiles with Adobe Campaign Manager, Audience Manager, Adobe Target, Analytics and AEM. Data and marketing operations that were previously in silos were consolidated into a wholistic enterprise system that improved marketing efficiencies and therefore company's bottom line.

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Adobe Certified Partner

Autowoven is an Adobe solution partner with experience across the Adobe Experience Cloud platform. As an Adobe partner we engage in digital conferences, summits and events related to Adobe marketing technology. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve with new product features and trending digital technologies.

End-to-end campaign management technology experts

We understand Campaign Management does not live in a silo. Developing integrations between ACC/ ACS with other customer centric applications is key to success

Build a robust single customer view

Integrate User Profile data from Adobe Experience Cloud with Adobe Campaign user data to build a full view of your customer.

Develop targeted segments

Importing and cleaning data is key to intelligent data within Campaign Manager. Developing targeted queries on top of clean data ensures your user segments are properly targeted

Build cross-channel campaign orchestration

A successful design and visualization of customer journeys across online and offline channels begins with a trusted technology partner like Autowoven

A central Email & Mobile messaging platform

We specialize in developing a central, go-to solution for all your campaign management needs

Adobe Campaign Manager productivity tools

When implementing a comprehensive campaign management technology platform, it is important to understand not just the marketing aspect of campaigns but also the rich eco-system that campaign technology lives under. Developing comprehensive customer profiles requires technology integration between Adobe Campaign and enterprise applications, databases and other repositories, often using Adobe's custom connectors. It also requires a good understanding of Adobe Campaign Database structure. Our productivity tools and services bring it all together quickly and economically. Here are some of Autowoven's tools:

Single Customer View

Single Customer View with Campaign Manager

Improve your Email and Mobile campaigns' ROI by implementing a SCV of your customers. This product packages proven techniques for you to hit the ground running using best practices

AEM Campaign Integration Pack

Campaign Manager - AEM Integration pack

Build and Import your email campaigns with the same branding tools as your websites. Use ths tool to dynamically import AEM Sites templates into your Campaign Manager Email templates.

AEM Sites Accessibility Automation

ADA Compliance tool

Quickly ensure your email campaign messaging is ADA compliant with this tool. Save time by avioding expensive back-and-forth with your ADA compliance teams

Adobe Campaign Manager FAQs

Adobe Campaign Classic has roots in Neolane, a company that Adobe purchased in 2013. It's a client-server application that provides a lot of features but the learning curve to configure and program is steeper. On the other hand, ACS is browser based and is a lot simpler to configure. But with simplicity also comes a lack of some advanced features and integrations. Autowoven typically recommends ACC for customers with a technical staff that can handle applications installed on-premise and ACS to customers who are comfortable with applications hosted externally in the Cloud. Talk to us to find out what would be best for you.
With both the thin client and browser versions of Adobe Campaign, this is a tool that allows you to compose email templates. With Delivery Editor, you can upload images, include standard greetings, personalize content, include tracking pixels and preview emails as they would appear to a target audience.

Yes indeed. You can quarantine emails on errors, honor opt-outs and de-duplication features.

A workflow allows targe audience to be filtered based on a logical expression. For example, a filtering example is to find all users within a certain zip code.

For simple workflows, there's no need for any programming. For conditional logic and filtering, simple javascript and drag-drop tools can be used.

A/B testing refers to sending similar emails to different target segments (A or B) and checking which segment responded better. For example the same promotional email could be sent to age groups 21 to 30 year olds vs 30 to 40 year olds to monitor campaign effectiveness.

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