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Adobe Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Adobe DAM | AEM Assets Features

Manage your images and videos for web, mobile and print in a central repository

Think of it as Youtube and Instagram on steroids for your ogranization. Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems enable organizations to manage their images, audio and video files in a central location while allowing internal users to collaborate, tag, search and syndicate for multiple other channels. Adobe's Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution is a highly customizable product built on top of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) product stack. With it's powerful content management features, AEM Assets allow you to do the following and more:

  • Upload Images and Videos in multiple formats to a central repository
  • Apply metadata, keywords and tags based on industry specific taxonomies to categorize images, audio and video files
  • Enable a central portal that serves as the go-to location for all users to search, download and repurpose digital assets
  • Powerful search feature that leverage rich taxonomy and metadata
  • Optionally use Adobe's Artificial Intelligence(AI) feature to categorize your images automatically
  • Use roles and permissions for access control
  • Use workflows for automating content governance and syndication

"The work you have done is awesome. I wish we brought you in sooner."

- VP of Communication Services at a major travel company

Our success with AEM Assets

A cruise line in the midst of a digital transformation process wanted to enhance customer experience by marrying their e-commerce system with AEM Assets DAM solution. With terabytes of digital assets to be managed, uploading and retrieval of content posed a major challenge.

Autowoven developed an integration between AEM Assets and SAP Hybris that allowed automatic association of product data with AEM Assets. By bringing in library science expertise and AEM development resources we developed a rich taxonomy and automatic product image tagging processes. We developed API based services for asynchronous data integration between various systems. Further, we optimized performance by enhancing caching at various levels including Akamai CDN, AEM Dispatchers and webservers.

Both desktop and mobile applications were able to leverage digital assets from AEM Assets for a rich guest experience both on and off the cruise ships.

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Adobe Certified Partner

Autowoven is an Adobe solution partner with multiple AEM project lifecycle experience. We participate in digital conferences, summits and digital conferences. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve with new product features and trending digital technologies

Over 10 years of AEM Assets and DAM consulting experience

Autowoven has been implementing Adobe Digital Asset Management solutions using AEM for over 10 years. This experience helps us hit the ground running and ensure your project goals exceed expectations.

Our AEM Assets projects have won multiple accolades

By and large, our customers are extremely happy with our expertise and technical knowledge of Adobe Digital Asset Management and related technologies. In 2019 our implementation of an AEM Sites and DAM solution won the Stevies awards. Ask us more for details.

Assets Performance Tuning

For real-time, customer facing applications, performance is key. Autowoven has demonstrated experience in reducing asset load timing and improving system performance.

Cut AEM Assets Implementation Costs

Compared to Adobe Professional Services, Autowoven's average AEM Assets implementation costs are at least 40% cheaper. Plus, our time to go-live on projects is significantly faster compared to other consulting companies because of our dedicated focus to Adobe products.

Adobe DAM Automation Products

Over time, our on the field development team has developed AEM Assets optimization tools. These tools allow for faster time to market while adhering to best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adobe DAM Solution

You can host an image library using AEM Assets Brand Portal solution. This easily customizable portal solution can either be hosted on Azure or AWS Cloud using Adobe Managed Services or within an organization's own data center(On-premise solution). Users can upload, tag and publish content from AEM Author instance to the Brand Portal.

Adobe DAM solution is your single source for all your digital assets - images, videos, audio or other binary files. With images, you can store high resolution images in Adobe DAM repository and serve lower resolution images on demand. Preset original source images that are transformed into derivative images are called image renditions.

AEM Workflows can automate steps within a business process. For example, you may want to run a work flow on all images uploaded during the day in one batch process to transform images into a web-ready format followed by an email notification to image curators within the organization for approval

You can apply any number of keywords as metadata to an image or video. These keywords/terms can then be leveraged to quickly pull up an asset upon search. Tagging is a more thought-out, premedidated hierarchy of categorization. Tagging, synonymously called Taxonomy allows your images to be grouped according to predefined industry or product-line specific groupings. For example an image can have the keyword of "cat" but it's tagged as an "animal" because of where it sits in the image hierarchy.

When uploading original resolution assets, automatic background proccesses can be run to transform images or videos into different formats. Such automatic proccessing and subsequent tasks can be performed by AEM Workflows called rendition workflows

AEM Repository has an expandable storage. The out-of-box repository for AEM is a TarMK repository that stores files as tar files. For additional storage capabilities like in a distributed AEM environment we can switch to use a MongoDB repository instead. There's also an Amazon S3 bucket storage capability - but that requires an add-on OSGi bundle. At any given time, AEM assets allows for up to 2G of assets to be uploaded (if you are using TarMK repository). It is also recommended that you do not store more than 2000 assets at any given directory level, as performance may degrade beyond those number of nodes.
AEM Assets can be hosted either on-premise, customer's own datacenter or on an Adobe managed cloud hosting service that uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure Cloud.
AEM Assets Brand Portal is an AEM Sites based, ready-made application that provides a simple portal-like solution where users can browse, search and download assets in multiple formats.
It's a rich media content serving service from Adobe. This is different from AEM assets which is typically used for collecting, managiing and tagging assets for internal organizational needs, as opposed to delivering content to large audiences, which is what Dynamic Media offers.

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