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Data driven experience design begins with A/B Testing

Tailor your customer experience - at scale, with Autowoven's proven experience with Adobe Target.

Experience Targeting

Our fully cloud-based services host your Styleguides and Code repositories along with AEM ensuring a systematic, approach for end-to-end development & deployment.

A/B Testing

Automate AEM Sites deployment with our proven cloud based DevOps tools and processes, customized for your needs.

Multivariate Testing

Our Certified AEM Professionals will guide you through the ins and outs of AEM development and deployment along with Cloud migration if needed.

Integrate Audiences with Adobe Experience Cloud

Host your lower environments in our AWS Cloud us while using Adobe's hosting for production. Or, take advantage of our services for all environments. Our services integrate with Adobe Cloud Manager for more flexibility.

Integrate with non-Adobe CDP solutions

Our experienced professionaals will establish your AEM build processes to integrate with your existing corporate security standards early-on in your development cycle. This will improve your remediation rate and protect your application against vulnerabilities.

Expert, Short term Consulting

Our knowledgeable AEM experts will ensure best practices are followed for setting up and launching your AEM application. We ensure Go-Live checklists, runbooks and other critical processes are established and followed.

Your customized AEM Automation solution, backed by our Adobe Certified experts.
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New Customers

  • 1 Git Repository
  • 2 Git Branches
  • 1 self-managed Jenkins Job
  • 10 GB Diskspace/ Application
  • Support for up to 5 AEM Developers
  • 1 Dev AEM Author Instance
  • 1 Dev AEM Publisher Instance
  • 1 Dev AEM Dispatcher Instance
  • 10 hours/week DevOps
  • 10 hours/week AEM Administration
  • Fixed CPU and RAM sized for 5 concurrent AEM users

 Best Plan



Best for Cloud Transition

  • Unlimited Git Repositories
  • Fully supported Jenkins Jobs
  • 50 GB Diskspace
  • Sandbox UI Development Environment
  • Support for upto 20 AEM Developers
  • Includes AEM Author, Publisher and Dispatcher Instances
  • Staging Environment
  • 2 Dev AEM Dispatcher
  • 20 hours/week AEM Admin
  • 20 hours/week DevOps
  • CPU and RAM sized for scalability
  • CI-CD Workflow integrated with Adobe Cloud Manager
  • AWS Cloud Reliability and Scalability
  • Guidance and Documentation



Production Cloud Ready

  • Unlimited Git Repositories
  • Unlimited Git Branches
  • Up to 10 Supported Jenkins Jobs
  • 500 GB Diskspace
  • Up to 5 AEM Developers
  • Custom AEM topology
  • Support for both Development and Production
  • Custom CPU and RAM sizing
  • Optional Blue/Green Environments for Production
  • Guidance and Documentation
  • Integrated with your Agile Project team