.. in-depth knowledge of the TeamSite product, including published and unpublished bugs for the various versions of the various portions of the stack is quite impressive and proves to be valuable to any team implementing that content management stack

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We have been implementing TeamSite and related products since the early 2000s. With our consultants having more than fifteen years of implementation experience, we are able to bring the best value and potential from OpenText TeamSite installations. The solutions we built with TeamSite, LiveSite and Mediabin power some of best known brands in the United States. Our experience with Responsive Design frameworks and re-usable Components enables your solution to deliver a consistent customer experience across devices. From system architecture and installations to front-end development, our experience sets us apart.

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In 2018, there are more smartphones being sold than Desktop PCs. Studies show that 25% of mobile users in the US, will NEVER USE THEIR DESKTOPS this year. Whether we want to admit it or not, the web is going mobile.

Organizations are increasingly inclined to provide a uniform experience to their customers, irrespective of the device. And having the mobile customer in mind is what Mobile First is all about.

Whether your organization chooses to use Responsive Web Design or Adaptive Web, autowoven will bring its experience to your implementation, so you may hit the ground running and avoid the many pitfalls that await you in implementing these technologies.

TeamSite and LiveSite implementations for Mobile First require certain considerations and implementation factors for success. With autowoven's proven experience integrating these design frameworks with TeamSite and LiveSite, you will be on the right path to success.

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Our consultants have been implementing TeamSite and related products for the last 14 years.

We have implemented every version of TeamSite since version 4.2, all the way to the current version of 8.0. This experience helped us formulate methodologies and tools to upgrade your TeamSite using best practices, economically and fast.

If you have any of the following OpenText products, talk to us for a free upgrade evaluation.

TeamSite LiveSite Content Services (LSCS) LiveSite Display Services (LSDS)
SitePublisher Segmentation Targeting
TS Mobile Module OpenDeploy IDOL Search
FormsPublisher Workflow Modeler Report Server
MediaBin Optimost WorkSite
CSSDK Integrations ECM Connector Optimost

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When a global financial firm called on us to enhance their complex workflows we were happy. We delivered the project in record time within budget. We were even more thrilled when called again a few years later to deliver another major enhancement to their system.

We rejoice when our efforts bear fruit and our clients are wildly happy!

Using CSSDK for integrating various aspects of TeamSite with internal and external applications is just the start. Whether it is using TeamSite Search REST API or JSON integration with a cloud application, autowoven has the experience to implement solutions without the need to hack, tinker or tweak.

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Maintaining a dedicated team to support your OpenText TeamSite, LiveSite application can be cost prohibitive. It can take away valuable resource time away from your other mission critical projects. Engaging autowoven in a support model is a smart move that will cut your maintenance costs and increase user satisfaction of the product. Our engineering-level experience with the TeamSite product line will cut your issue resolution time and increase product satisfaction.

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