So, what exactly happened in Vegas… I mean Adobe Summit 2017?

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The Clouds split! Literally. If you don’t know what I mean, here’s a visual.

Of significance is the introduction of the new Adobe Advertising Cloud. Here’s the live tweet that is relevant:

Adobe Analytics is now it’s own Cloud offering and combined with Audience Manager (a product to capture non-authenticated user data) into a single Analytics Cloud.

and Adobe Marketing Cloud has had significant upgrades. We will summarize the significant updates below –

Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 has been introduced. With 6.3, you can now re-use content across experiences using Content Fragments and Experience Fragments.

AEM 6.3 Assets also receives significant performance upgrade.

And Adobe Marketing Cloud comes with better integration with Creative Cloud products (like Photoshop)

With over 70% (by our guestimates) of the attendees either using or interested in Adobe Analytics, it goes without saying that Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager products received several updates.

Adobe Campaign released a new version and has better integrations with AEM and Analytics.

So, where is Adobe placing it’s bets for the future?

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